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How To Choose A Heat Press Machine
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A heat press is central to success when decorating garments with heat transfer materials. Your choice of heat press can be based on a variety of factors, including heat press style, features, and performance.

 Heat Press Features

Temperature consistency is the most indispensable feature of any heat press. Cold spots in the upper platen can lead to ruined garments.
Interchangeable platens make application on different garments easier.
Digital display ensures accurate pressure and temperature.

When choosing a press, examine your workspace first.
For a clamshell model or draw press, you will need at least two feet of counter space, if you are considering a swing-away model, at least three feet.
It is a good idea to have room next to the press to layout the garment and to place finished garments. You will also want to take the weight of the press into consideration, especially if you plan to move it around often.

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