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Why are some presses hard to open

Before buying a press, make sure it is easy to open and close. This depends on the design of the press. Even if you apply just one transfer a day, working with a press that is difficult to open and close is no fun. The more transfers you app......

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Do I need a digital readout

Yes. Once you determine a time and temperature that works for the transfers and graphics you apply most often, you want to make sure that you are able to replicate the settings exactly, every time you print. If youre using a manual or bell t......

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Do I need a different press if I print hundreds of shirts

If you are printing long production runs, you need a press that will maintain consistent heat and accurate temperatures. Some machines dont maintain platen temperature, due to a thin platen that loses heat, poor insulation, or some other des......

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What kind of training is need to get started in heat press

It takes about 10 minutes to learn the proper way to use a heat press. Anyone can get started after knowing a few basics, such as how to preheat the garment, what to do about zippers and buttons, the purpose of cover sheets and how to apply......

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What’s the difference between clamshell, swing away and dra

When shopping for a heat press, the first important decision that you are going to need to make is what style of heat press will work best for you. Right now, there are three basic styles of heat presses for garments from which you can selec......

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Is it important to have a non-stick coating on the upper pla

A non-stick coated upper platen is helpful for several reasons. This coating will help prevent any inks or sublimation dyes from getting into the heat plate and then transferring onto the next garment.......

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Can’t I just buy a cheap heat press to see if I’m going t

While a cheap or hobby heat press may be acceptable for personal use, it is recommended that you use a professional grade heat press if you are selling the finished garment or product.......

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How large of a heat press will I need?

This depends on the type of items you are planning to personalize with heat print graphics. For instance, if you are going to print team jerseys for football and hockey, you will need a press that is at least 16 x 20. If you are only doing t......

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When my press is ready to go what should I do first?

The first thing to do is to preheat your lower platen. To do this, simply lower the upper platen onto the lower platen for approximately 30 seconds. This is especially important when applying your first graphic of the day. You dont need to d......

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What type of maintenance is there on my heat press?

Most heat presses are maintenance free. If they have non-stick coated upper platens, it means they are easy to wipe clean if for some reason graphics are applied incorrectly, or without a cover sheet.......

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