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Hand Press Easy Rosin Press 0.5-1 Ton pressure
Use for:For MacBook computers featuring a USB-C port.
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Spain best seller home made 6x9cm(2.4''*3.6'') heat press for hemp stainless steel heat press plug AP2005


Congratulations! You have discovered the wonderful world of Extraction Plant oil, heat and high Pressure extraction technique derived from the same method used in making flowers. The idea is simple. You introduce heat and pressure to plant so to extract the essential oils from the plant material.


Heat Press Machines
110 V /220 V
Time range
Max temp
Printing area
6cm x 9cm (2.4" x 3.6")
Gross weight
Package size
mini dual heating platen heat press
in light weight 
 Fahrenheit or Celsius degree measure, Even pressure



Digital Controller  Easy to Set Tempreture and Time


solventless oil, is made by putting plant material under heat and pressure. Essentially, ThisTech involves using a heat press to combine heat and pressure as an extraction method.


Auplex, we've mastered the art of extraction and our presses are the best in
the industry. Our Heat Presses use precision, feedback-control heating and plates are designed for ideal heat transfer to your medium. After manufacturing and testing of each unit to the highest quality control standards.

The extraction process involves pressing plants between parchment paper with a heat press to extract the valuable oil. it depends
upon 4 things: @Temperature / @Amount of Time Pressed / @Amount of Force Applied / @Size/Weight of nuts(s)

Don't be fooled by clever marketing- our presses produce the same pressure as our competitors at a better price!



Different Types of Heat Presses

There are actually a number of different types of heat presses which you can make or buy.

* DIY Heat Press: If you have a hair straightener and a clamp, believe it or not, that is all you really need to make a basic heat press. You also need some parchment paper, a tool to use to collect the oil, and gloves to protect your hands from the heat. Alternately, you can modify a hydraulic shop press by adding heat plates and use that instead.

* Manual Heat Press: If you want to keep operation simple and costs down low, consider purchasing a manual press. These devices tend to be smaller than their hydraulic counterparts (see below), so they offer the advantage of portability. You operate them using a hand crank.
* Hydraulic heat Press: With this type of press, you use a hand pump to produce hydraulic pressure. They are reasonably portable, and offer a kind of “in-between” option between a manual and pneumatic press.
* Pneumatic Heat Press: This type of press is basically like a hydraulic press, but it includes an extra feature in the form of an air compressor. This frees you from manual labor. There is no cranking and no pumping. You can adjust the pressure level precisely just by pressing a button. Because of the air compressor, portability is limited.
* Electric Heat Press: This type of press gets you away from pumps and compressors altogether. Powered through a basic wall outlet, the electric rosin press offers convenience and ease of use and is ideal for processing large batches.
* Hybrid Heat Press: This type of Heat press is designed for large scale commercial use, and offers ultimate flexibility. It can run pneumatically or electronically, or you have the option of using a pump manually if you prefer.
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